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So many people already need your help this year... Please help now!

It may be a new year, but unfortunately, people in our community are still struggling with the challenges of COVID-19. Every day, they’re facing the continuing effects of this crisis, and many don’t know where to turn for help. You may wonder… what can I do?

You can help our homeless and vulnerable neighbors today! Just look at the critical care your heartfelt gift will supply:

● Nourishing meals for just $2.52 each
● Hygiene items & daily essentials
● Clean beds & blankets in a safe shelter
● An opportunity for people to rebuild their lives for brighter futures

To care for even more people who are struggling, our goal is to raise $90,000 by January 31. Your most generous gift today will bless people who come here for help all year long. Please give now!

See these shelves? Fill them up with food!

Up to 4,000 meals this month alone… As the pandemic continues, nourishing meals like these are critical to keep our hungry guests healthy and fed.

It seems impossible to shop for thousands of meals, right? But it IS possible – with your help!

Your gift today will supply a hot, nutritious meal for just $2.52 to welcome every man, woman and child who comes through our doors this winter.

Please donate now! Fill our pantry to help fill hungry stomachs with food and weary hearts with new hope. Thank you!

COVID-19 Help

Now more than ever, your gift will be the difference between homeless people being safe and protected instead of at-risk on the streets in these times of crisis. Please give generously now!