Online Giving

Feed a hungry person for just $2.52

$2.52 feeds one hungry person. Imagine all the good you can do by giving.

     • $50 = 19 meals & care
     • $100 = 39 meals & care
     • $150 = 59 meals & care

No one should be left out of the Thanksgiving celebration. Especially your neighbors who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and are still struggling to recover and care for their families.

Your compassionate gift today will make room at the table for even more of your hungry neighbors so they can enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, just like Mom used to make.

As a special thanks for your support, I hope you’ll enjoy a side of pie with your Thanksgiving feast from our “Easy as Pies” Recipe Booklet! Get these delicious free pie recipes here.

Please give generously to help as many people as possible. After this incredibly difficult year, the best way you can bless people who are hurting is by welcoming them to a Thanksgiving celebration that surrounds them with God’s love and fills them with hope!

COVID-19 Help

Now more than ever, your gift will be the difference between homeless people being safe and protected instead of at-risk on the streets in these times of crisis. Please give generously now!