Online Giving

Hurting Neighbors Need You This Summer

Donations slow down in summer… but our homeless neighbors will still need hot, nourishing meals over the next three months. That’s about 12,000 meals!

YOU can help today! Give now to feed, shelter and care for those in need… all three months of summer.

It’s easy for you to help all summer long:

• Make a special gift of $80 each month for June, July and August
• Make a special gift of $240 today for all three months

A meal is just $2.52 – so your gift of $240 today will supply 95 meals, plus shelter and the critical help people need to get back on their feet.

Please give generously! Your gift today can provide three months of support for your struggling neighbors in the Walla Walla Valley this summer.

COVID-19 Help

Now more than ever, your gift will be the difference between homeless people being safe and protected instead of at-risk on the streets in these times of crisis. Please give generously now!