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A complete Thanksgiving Meal - Just $2.52

Make a special pie for your Thanksgiving feast
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Every $2.52 you give today provides one person facing hunger with a traditional Thanksgiving meal… served with a hearty helping of hope for a brighter future.

Your support will welcome them and let them know they’re loved. And a meal often opens the door to safe shelter, Christ-centered guidance and recovery programs that help people embrace a new life filled with hope and promise.

For many of our neighbors who are hungry and in need, it’s been years since they’ve experienced any kind of Thanksgiving celebration. Let’s make this holiday season extra special for them! Please, don’t wait – give your most generous gift now.

Meals for Hungry Neighbors - Just $2.52

This Thanksgiving season, a record number of guests facing hunger and homelessness will gather around our tables. Your support is urgently needed to help us prepare for them!

After one of the hardest years, your gift today will feed and care for those who are still struggling to recover.

Just one meal leads to:

     • Nights of safe shelter
     • Warm clothing + hygiene items
     • Guidance + recovery programs

Please give generously! A meal at the CAC is only $2.52, but this Thanksgiving season, it can open the door to a whole new life for our struggling neighbors.

COVID-19 Help

Now more than ever, your gift will be the difference between homeless people being safe and protected instead of at-risk on the streets in these times of crisis. Please give generously now!