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Sock Drive at Pineapple Pete's!

Our friends at Pineapple Pete's want to banish cold feet. From October 1-15 they are offering 50 percent off the price of a shaved ice or slushy, in exchange for a new pair of socks. Socks will be given to men, women and children staying in our shelter. One discount per pair and families can bring a multi-pack for a group discount. Visit Pineapple Pete's at their new location at 915 S. Second Street in Walla Walla!


In Memory Of:
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Thelma Baim

Jean B. Frank
Cal & Lorrie Toye
Autumn & Micheal Rizzuti
Edward Rizzuti & Family

Marjorie Bundy Norma Coe
Barry Culbertson Betty Culbertson
Dean Culbertson Betty Culbertson  
James Hansen John & Rebecca Bowles
Emilio & Carmy Buttice
Robin Clayton
Ava Jean Gagnon
Virginia Kent
Karen Yager 
Velma Jones Jean B. Frank
Mary Jungman Mollie Storey  
Frank Kelly

Dan & Joanne Drumheller 

Don Minnick Jean B. Frank
Ted Mitchell Bonnie Johnson 
Myrle Robertson Terry & Linda Boehm
Beverly & Mick Oliver 
Wanda Saager William & Marlene Saager 
Charlotte Saul

Adeline & Lino Rojas 

Irma Stueckle Betty Culbertson


In Memory Of:
Gifted By:
Scott Bannister Mary Lou Andrews
Bill Burwell Mr. & Mrs. Mick Oliver
Barry Culbertson Betty Culbertson
Dean Culbertson Betty Culbertson  
Ducky Jackson Jasper & Kathy Winn  
Ruby Kirk Mary Lou Andrews  
Dutch Landoni Connie Schreiner  
Edward Mitchell

Rose & George Rose 

Ted Mitchell Robert & Mary Jo Fontenot
Kathryn Murphy
Connie Schreiner
Nydia Jane Oliver Madonna Doocy
Jean B. Frank
Maryilyn Kelly
Northwest Grain Growers
Helen Logan-Schneider 
Terry Peterson Mary Lou Andrews  
Wanda Saager Jasper & Kathy Winn 
Gerald Stiller

Bill & Clydene Houchin 

JULY 2015

In Memory Of:
Gifted By:
Helen & Emory Atkinson Sharon Thompson
Linda Brannan Iris M. James
Kenneth Carter Ernest & Judith Johnson  
Barry Culbertson Betty Culbertson  
Dean Culbertson Betty Culbertson  
Betty Ross Faulkner Jean B. Frank  
Arne Filan

Dorothy Bade
Joanne & Sam Brinker
Robert C. Brinker
Betty Culbertson
Charles & Mary Eisele
Alan & Pat Gradwahl
William Hughes Jr
L&G Ranch Supply, Inc
Pete & Hedda Reid
Pat & Jim Willard 

Melvin Haas Dale & Laura Bethel
Jerry Cundiff, Jr.
Jean B, Frank
Gerald & Janet Rimpler
Daryl & Connie Schreiner 
Earl Hotchkiss Keith, Mark & Gary Hotchkiss  
Dorothy Larson Jean B. Frank  
Carol Mason Mary Balakier
Rose Marie Moore
Carol Sterling 
Nydia Jane Oliver

Joanne Drumheller
Margaret Heitstuman 

Charlotte Saul Gail Roberts
Ann Williams 
Janice Simmons Smith Larry & Marty Bussell
Delbert Klicker 
Elden Talon Keith M. Wyckoff 
Sharon "Sherrie" Weis John & Jeanne Boschker  
Dorothy Lois Widmann Maita Hagedorn
Mollie L. Storey 
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