From Fearful to Hopeful

From Fearful to Hopeful

Douglas did well professionally. He worked in photography, clockmaking and quality control. But throughout his career he struggled with addiction. It started when his parents died – his dad from alcohol abuse, and his mom from cancer. Douglas turned to alcohol to numb his grief.

Even though Douglas spent years as a functioning alcoholic, his past eventually caught up with him to the point that he needed intensive mental health treatment. When he was released, he had nowhere to go – so he came to the Christian Aid Center.

“I was no longer able to handle my past emotionally… or really to take care of myself at all. The CAC gave me all the essentials I needed to survive – food and shelter – and then the opportunity to work on the intangible things that matter even more, like healing spiritually and emotionally.”

Douglas joined our Rebuilders Program and started processing his past in healthy ways. He appreciates the CAC’s focus on his social and emotional health, and he likes that it is Bible-based. When he arrived, his relationship with God was in a rocky place. While at the treatment center for his mental health, he’d struggled with faith and had dark periods of doubt. But through our recovery program, he hopes to find peace and trust again.

“It’s well known that the Christian Aid Center is an anchor in the community. People can count on it for help when they’re ready to get off the streets and live their life in a different direction,” he says.

Thank you for sharing God’s love with Douglas! His life has been renewed through the joy and hope of the Gospel. “I want to continue to develop. Right now, seeds are being planted in my life that will later grow into beautiful things for my future. I’m thankful.”