Destiny's Story

Destiny's Story

When she was young, difficulties at home led Destiny to turn to food for comfort. Binge eating became an addiction that plagued her for years. 

As she entered adulthood, finding a job proved challenging, if not impossible. Employers tended to overlook Destiny due to her disabilities, which were yet undiagnosed and left her confined to a wheelchair. “I had no confidence, and just felt worthless,” she says.

She tried to stay afloat on her own but wound up evicted from her apartment. Just as she was trying to deal with the dire situation of homelessness, several family members and friends passed away. At that point, anxiety and depression from grief took over. “I remember the moment I realized I was broken and desperately needed help.”

The day she walked into the CAC, things began to change for Destiny.

“My first night here,” she shares, “I was so grateful to finally have a warm and safe place to lay my head.”

 Destiny was admitted into our Emergency Shelter, where her basic needs were assessed. She stayed there until she was truly ready to take the next step. 

 “At the Center, I’ve learned real coping skills – tools for dealing with life’s situations in a healthy manner. Nobody had ever taught me these things before.”

Destiny was raised in a different faith, so Christianity was a new concept when she first arrived. Through Bible study, Destiny has gained an understanding of God’s Word. “My faith has grown significantly since I got here.”

A few months after arriving at the CAC, Destiny was able to walk again, leaving her wheelchair behind. With new job skills under her belt through our work therapy program, Destiny is stronger and more confident. She plans to enroll in college and get back to her artwork. 

"Thanks to the teachers and staff here, I feel restored. This program really works!”