Kurt's Story

"I've experienced healing while encouraging others along the way."
"I've experienced healing while encouraging others along the way."

Since birth, Kurt has struggled with degenerative vision problems. Determined to support himself, he was able to overcome his disability for quite some time – into his mid-30s. But when his eyesight got so bad he was unable to hold down a job or read his favorite books, he found himself depressed and unable to afford groceries or rent.

His mental health was further challenged when an astonishing number of close family members passed away during a short span of time. He endured so much loss. “My relationship with God was up and down. But at that point, I was just angry with Him.”

One of Kurt’s nieces had generously taken him in, but her circumstances were changing, and she couldn’t continue housing him. Thankfully, she learned about the Christian Aid Center and suggested he contact us.

The day he walked into the CAC, things got better for Kurt.

“The staff and volunteers here have been key to my spiritual growth,” he says. “The classes are so helpful, and they’re all Christ-centered, so I was able to learn more about God while re-finding my place in the world.”

Through our Rebuilders Program, Kurt has regained his footing. Even with his challenges, the CAC has connected him with resources so that he could get back to being an avid reader. A close-knit community has given him hope and shed light on his purpose: helping others and giving back by becoming one of our Resident Volunteers.

“Everybody knows they can always come to me. It makes me feel good – doing the Lord’s work. It’s not me! It’s Him.”

Kurt has been reconnecting with family members who are happily following his progress. “A big thing I’ve learned is that God is patient – With all of us.”

Kurt’s heart is overflowing with gratitude because YOUR loving support gave him the confidence to rebuild his life. “The CAC does amazing work with its guests as well as through outreach to our neighbors. I’m so grateful I found this place!”