Thanksgiving 2019

$2.17 feeds one hungry person. Imagine all the good you can do by giving.

$50 = 23 meals & care
$100 = 46 meals & care
$150 = 69 meals & care

No one should be left out of the Thanksgiving celebration. Your compassionate gift today will welcome hungry and homeless neighbors to our tables for a hot and hearty turkey dinner, just like mom used to make.

As a special thanks for your support, I hope you’ll enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, prepared from our “Fall Favorites” Recipe Booklet, with delicious turkey and all the trimmings! 
Download the booklet here. Your family is sure to love these favorite fall dishes as much as our CAC family does.

Please give generously to help as many people as possible – and to bless them with a Thanksgiving celebration that will surround them with God’s love and fill them with hope!

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Thanksgiving - Oct 2019

Would you like to make this gift in honor or memory of someone?

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