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We help women and children like Xandra and her family.

story-1"IMAGINE BEING A CHILD and suddenly becoming homeless. That’s what happened to me when my mother decided it would be better for us to live on the street than to stay in an abusive home. So my mother, along with me and my two little brothers escaped to Pioneer Park carrying all of our belongings in garbage bags. We had no plans or place to go other than to get away.

I will always remember how scared I was. Fortunately, someone gave us the phone number to the Christian Aid Center and it wasn’t long before a staff member came to pick us up.

Everyone at the CAC was so happy to help us and gave us everything we needed to feel safe. I knew I wanted to be just like them when I grew up.

Twelve years later, I now have a family and two children. I am going to school to get a degree in education. I came back to the CAC not as a guest in need, but as a volunteer to fulfill my dream of helping others like they helped me. The volunteers and staff really made an impression on me and showed me how amazing people can be when God works through them."