Dear friend,

Dear friend,

When we read this letter, it brought tears to our eyes. It was written by a school counselor who helps us distribute coats in one of our local elementary schools:

Dear Coats for Kids,

I worked with a student who was somewhat hard to size. She was disappointed each time coats came in that did not fit, and I would have to order another. It ended up taking several tries, and with each coat returned, she would feel a little more defeated.

I finally guessed her correct size and a very pretty coat came in for her. However, when she received it, she was very quiet. I was puzzled by her reaction because I knew how much she wanted a coat. Even after I wrote her name in it and had her look in the mirror, she was still very quiet. I asked her what she was thinking—did she not like the coat? She softly responded, “I never thought I could look
so pretty.” She wore this coat every day to school and was proud of it throughout the year.

Thank you!

As a former teacher and a coach, we’ve seen how difficult it can be for children whose parents struggle financially. Even a necessity like a warm coat to wear to school and out on the playground can be hard to come by.

That’s why the Coats for Kids campaign was started nearly 20 years ago in partnership with the Christian Aid Center. Over the years, hundreds of families in Walla Walla and College Place have benefited from this program. Last year alone, nearly 500 coats were given to children who really needed them. We know this because we work directly with the counselors in each school.

This is only possible because of the kindness of friends like you. Your gift of $17 will provide one coat, or maybe you can give $85 which will help five kids in need. Whatever size gift you can give will help children stay warm this winter.

We also want you to know all coats purchased for this campaign will be brand new. We think kids should not only be warm, but also feel special for having a coat purchased especially for them.

With the weather getting colder, the requests for coats are coming in. We hope you will give what you can to support the Coats for Kids campaign.


Bill and Alean Thomas, Co-Chairs
2016 COATS FOR KIDS Campaign