Dear friend,

Dear friend,
When I was asked to help out with the Coats for Kids campaign, I gladly said “yes!” 
I’m hoping you will too. Here’s why:
Many children in our community come from families who are struggling financially. Some of these children go to school without a winter coat, not because they forgot it at home, but because they don’t have one.
Such was the case of a little girl from Edison Elementary School. When she received her new coat, she told her teacher: “Now my mommy won’t have to loan me her jacket anymore.”
That’s why the Coats for Kids campaign started 20 years ago in partnership with the Christian Aid Center. Over the years, hundreds of families in College Place and Walla Walla have benefited from this program. Last year alone, nearly 500 coats were given to children who really needed them. We know this because we work directly with the counselors in each school.
I also want you to know that all coats purchased for this campaign will be brand new. We think kids should not only be warm, but also feel special for having a coat purchased especially for them. Over and over again we hear this is the first new coat many of these children have ever owned. 
Mindy Gonzales, an intervention specialist from Berney Elementary School, shared this story:
“Last year was my first time working directly with Coats for Kids. I remember pulling a student from class to give her a new coat. When I handed it to her she said ‘But this is new,’ and I explained that it was new and it belonged to her. She gave me a big hug and for the rest of that week, every time we passed in the hallway she thanked me for her coat.”
This program is possible because of the kindness of friends like you. Your gift of $17 will provide one coat, or maybe you can give $85 which will help five kids in need. Whatever size gift you can give will help children stay warm this winter.
With the weather getting colder, I hope you will take this opportunity to directly help a child by supporting the Coats for Kids campaign.
Rick Johnson, Chairperson
2018 Coats for Kids Campaign